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Theater in a place that doesn’t exist

Theater in a place that doesn’t exist

Acting workshop in Calabria

October 4-12, 2023

theater: playstation starts a new workshop! And in a very special place: in Calabria, in the village of Camini, where a unique project with refugees was created.

We want to play theater, experience culture and get to know a unique project with refugees.
For everyone interested in theater and acting.
A week full of drama, culture, inspiration and emotion awaits you.
Immerse yourself for a week in a place that had almost disappeared and then became a place where refugees from all over the world and locals build a new togetherness.

Aktuell in Produktion
25. February 2022

Daniel Half Human

Daniel Half Human

David Chotjewitz’ novel Daniel Halber Mensch is finally available again!

It tells the story of Daniel and his best friend Armin. As the son of a “half-Jewish family” according to the Nazi definition, Daniel had to flee Germany in 1938 – while Armin went to the Hitler Youth.
In 1945 Daniel returned to Hamburg as a soldier in the British occupying forces. He searches for the places of his childhood, for the best friend from back then – and for the reasons why this friendship was betrayed.
The author is available for school readings and other events. He also developed a theater workshop from the material, which was carried out in numerous schools. Interested school classes can contact us.

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We are a platform for innovative theater and performance projects. We work with developing musical formats for the theater, another focus is personal, autobiographical elements. Our activities also include workshops, lectures and transnational networking projects.

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