Theater, sun and the fight for urban spaces

Theater, sun and the fight for urban spaces

The adventure continues

19. – 25.10. 2024

Fabrika12, El Carmen

7 intensive days in Valencia, one of the most interesting cultural metropolitan cities in Spain, a city steeped in history right on the Mediterraneans Sea!

With improvisation, innovative approaches from contemporary performance, theater in public spaces, development of your own texts and scenes and the production process.

A week full of performance, culture, inspiration and emotion.

Workshop content will include:


  • Physical exercises and scenic get-togethers
  • Perception exercises / voice and body in space
  • Play with status types according to Keith Johnstone
  • Improvisation techniques from contemporary performance
  • Linguistic improvisation in dance theater
  • Approaching the topic of “biographical aspects” through improvisation

Development of texts and scenes

  • Working with and in space / appearance / change of scene
  • Creative writing techniques
  • Development of monologues and scenes from biographical material
  • Dramaturgical questions and play development
  • Work in public spaces / real site performance
  • Feedback and response techniques from the Goat Island Performance Group

A focus will be biographical aspects and personal experiences in contemporary theater – for example in forms of documentary theater and in participatory projects.

Another focus is performative work in public spaces, on real sites and in relation to social movements in urban spaces.

With two well-known and experienced theater and performance professionals: David Chotjewitz and Christian Concilio from Hamburg and the Valencian artist Isabel Caballeros.

There are also inspiring encounters with the “Cabanyal Intim” festival, which uses artistic means to participate in the resistance movement “Salvem Cabanyal” (“Save Cabanyal”), one of the most active neighborhood movements in Europe.

Joint trips to the sea and to special places in the beautiful old town (and much more) are also not neglected.

Christian Concilio and David Chotjewitz both bring special expertise in autobiographical theater projects and projects in public spaces; both have developed relevant performances on these topics.

The workshop is aimed at people of all ages who are interested in acting and performance. But theater professionals are also welcome.

Date, arrival, accommodation:


Arrival day, welcome dinner in the evening.

20. – 24.10.

Each day workshop session, 10:00 – 13:00, 14:30 – 17:30.

Two excursions included in the program.



The location is Fabrika12, a former shoe factory in the middle of the old town district of “El Carmen”, whose very inspiring rooms are now a place for cultural encounters.

The costs for the workshop (7 days including arrival and departure) are 350 €. (If this exceeds your means, please get in touch!)

In addition there will be travel costs and costs for accommodation.

Accommodation can be in local apartments or a traditional, affordable hostel not far from the venue.

We are happy to arrange accommodation for around €40 – €50 per person per night (double room/single room) in shared apartments.

Valencia is easily accessible via its own airport, or via Madrid and Barcelona and then by train.

If you have any questions, please send us an email to theaterplaystation(add) and we will send you all the important information.


If you want to take part, write to theaterplaystation(ad) and transfer a deposit of €100 to:

theater playstation e.V.
IBAN DE30201900030060283602
Hamburger Volksbank

As soon as there are enough registrations, we will inform you and you can book your flights!
Please do not book flights in advance!

The remaining payment for the workshop is due upon confirmation. You pay for the accommodation directly to the apartments in Valencia, we will provide you with the relevant information.

For more information see also here.