theater: playstation

theater: playstation is a platform for innovative performance projects, based in Hamburg since 2001. We try to devellop new formats for theater, starting from the idea that pop-music and pop-culture in itself are theatralical. Part of our concept in arts is also a conscious, not only artistical, but also public intervention.

Narzissus and the Revolution, 2012-2015

Another important aspect of our work are personal and autobiographical aspects.

In this process emerged music-theater-projects, contemporary performances as well as community projects and site specific works.

Additionally, we organised workshops for theater, singing and writing for young people, adults and professional artists; most lately, we founded a choir.

We created international exchange programmes for young adults and professional artist, in collaboration with institutions from many european countries.

Our first bigger productions, like BLUT on the DANCEFLOOR and STIRB POPSTAR STIRB (Popstar must die) focussed on youth culture and were instaged in Kampnagel, a big cultural center in Hamburg.

Due to our special interest in performance practice at real sites, following projects have been staged in real sites like abandoned houses, empty apartments, a techno club and a playground: „Boys Don’t Cry“ in the outskirts of the town, „Narzissus and the Revolution“ (2012) in a former school and „Songs from a Telephone Box“ in a Call Shop.

In 2005 we started to create international exchange programmes for young adults and professional artist, funded by Erasmus and Culture programmes of the European Union, in collaboration with institutions from various eropean countries.

In summer of 2007, we started a local project about favourite songs.

This became the MINISTRY for FAVORITE SONGS, that went europwide in 2013-15 with

10 partner institutions from seven European countries and a staff built up by more than 50 artists, who developed theater, dance and performance with different approaches to the subjects „favorite songs“ and „bureaucracy“.

In November 2015 we started the „Altona Choir of Rock’n’Roll History“.

Our projects were funded by the City of Hamburg, the national programme for Performing Arts, the European Union and several private foundations and produced in cooperation with Kampnagel Hamburg, as well as other professional theaters, acting schools and dance companies, basically in Hamburg, but also in Spain and Italy. Additionally, we cooperated with Universities, Highschools and Churches.

Recent work

Our recent work incude: A performative adaption of our studies about Albert Einstein; a general research about development of human society, based on the discoveries of Eli Sagan and an ongoing performative research about Call Shops as a place of performative story-teling.

The unnsecessary Human
Ministry of Favourite Songs at Kampnagel

theater: playstation e.V. is a registered cultural organisation, approved by german goverment.