Mable Preach


Mable Preach

Regisseurin, Performerin

1982 geboren, im Alter von sieben Jahren mit ihrer Familie Flucht aus Ghana. Über die Beschäftigung mit afrikanischem Tanz kam sie zum Hip-Hop und wurde eine der bekanntesten Hip-Hop-Choreografinnen Hamburgs. Sie studierte Medienmanagement und arbeitete mehrere Jahre in einer Plattenfirma. Mit 20 Jahren kam sie zu theater: playstation und hat als Schauspielerin und Sängerin mitgewirkt. Sie inszenierte eigene Stücke und arbeitete u.a. mit Yves Tuvis, Showcase beat le mot, Hajusom und besonders intensiv mit dem Verein Lukulule. Seit 2012 Produktion großangelegter Jugend-Musicals wie „Soul Train“ auf Kampnagel.

Born in 1982, at the age of seven with her familiy escaped from Ghana due to political persecution. She spent all her youth in refugee camps, first in France and Belgium, then in Hamburg. Coming from a Ghanaian preacher family, she came into contact with gospel singing at an early age and began to rap herself. Through her interest in African dance, she came to hip-hop and became one of Hamburg’s best-known hip-hop choreographers. She studied media management and worked for several years as A&R in a record company.

At the age of 19 she joined theater: playstation and took part as an actress and singer, among others „Blut on the Dancefloor“ (2002) and „Stirb, Popstar, Stirb“ (2003).

She soon began to stage her first plays and worked with Yves Tuvis, Showcase beat le mot, She She pop, Barner16, Hajusom and many others.

She worked with Lukulule, which developed under her leadership into a centre for urban arts with approx. 200 participants and 30 artists. In recent years, her artistic work has increasingly turned to anti-racism, and in 2014 she launched the FlüchtLINK project.

She has directed at the Schauspielhaus and Kampnagel, and since 2012 has produced large-scale youth musicals with Lukulule, such as „Soul Train“ and „12 Yards“.